TARGET SHOOTING (Ages 10 & Above)

Air rifle target shooting is available for people aged 10 and above on our 75 meter shooting range.
The price is only £14.99 per person for the first hour or £24.99 for a two hour session. All equipment is provided including air rifle with precision scope, suppressor, .22 pellets, a range of steel targets to shoot at and paper targets to take home to show your friends.
You’ll be allowed to free shoot to get use to the guns and scope. Once ready you’ll be throwing into a competition against everyone in your group. No matter your age it’s perfect for people that are competitive and want to have fun.
There are only 2 simple steps to organising your amazing day out.
Step 1: Choose your session:

Morning session 

Midday session 
Afternoon session
Step 2. Call Our Booking Office:
01293 882 806
Book Online: BOOK NOW
A deposit of £5 per person is required to secure your booking.
Our on site air rifle information.
The Stoeger X20S S2 Synthetic Combo Air Rifle airgun features a newly designed sound moderator and a new CNC machined breech providing an extremely solid lock-up. The Stoeger X20 S2 Synthetic Combo Air Rifle is the quietest in its class due to the Air Flow Control (AFC) technology. Dual-Stage Noise Reduction System makes it ideal for both hunting and target shooting.
The rifle has a track record for a high level of accuracy, partly because of its 2 stage adjustable trigger. Fitted with an auto safety. Comes with a 3-9×40 parallax adjustable Stoeger scope. As a break-action ‘springer’ this gun is perfect for those just starting out with air rifles. It requires no filling or expenditure on Co2 cartridges, keeping you shooting as long as you require. The integral suppressor has another benefit, too, for younger shots. The added length and weight allows for a far easier “break” to the barrel, providing leverage and reducing the strain required to recock the gun.