Airsoft Rental Day Session (Ages 10+)

This session is aimed at players without their own equipment and without experience. You will not be playing with airsoft regulars that have a lot of experience and more powerful guns.
Airsoft is aimed at players aged 10 years old and above. The guns used are semiautomatic and fully automatic electric powered BB guns. The guns shoot 0.6mm BB balls and when a player is hit it is more about honesty as the BB does not leave a mark like a paintball.
There are only 3 Simple Steps To Organising Your Amazing Day Out.
Step 1: Choose your session:

Full day booking
(8-12 games) 9.00am-16.00pm

Morning session

(4-6 games) 9.00am-13.00pm

Afternoon session

(4-6 games) 12.00pm-16.00pm

Step 2. Choose your package below:
Options Below.
Step 3. Call Our Booking Office:
01293 882 806
Book Online: BOOK NOW
Your booking includes:
Latest semi & fully automatic guns
Full face mask
Camouflage army style overalls
Body armour (Includes head protection)
Winner and player of the day presentation
Access to movie style game zones
Wifi access
Why not upgrade your half day package with our meal deal?
At only £3.50 per person!!
Drinks (orange & blackcurrant squash)
Burger or Hot Dog or Vegi Burger & Chips

This includes everything you need to play!

  • Admission and all equipment hire (gun, magazine ,mask & overalls).
  • 4-6 adrenaline filled games.
  • 1000 BBs included .

All out WAR & lunch!

  • Admission and all equipment hire (gun, magazine ,mask & overalls)..
  • 8-12 adrenaline filled games.
  • 2000 BBs included.
  • Hot lunch included (Beef burger or Vegetarian option included).
  • Smoke Grenade (small) £3.50
  • Smoke Grenade (large) £4.50
  • Flashbang Grenade 3.0 £4.50
  • BB Grenade (Wire Pull) £4.50
  • Paint Grenade (Wire Pull) £4.50
  • Launcher & Mortar Smoke Rounds £8.50
  • Launcher & Mortar Thunderflash Rounds £8.50