Airsoft (Ages 10+)

Airsoft is aimed at players aged 10 years old and above. The guns used are semiautomatic and fully automatic electric powered BB guns. The guns shoot 0.6mm BB balls and when a player is hit it is more about honesty as the BB does not leave a mark like a paintball.
There are only 2 simple steps to organising your amazing day out.
Step 1: Choose your session:

Morning session
(4 games) 9.15am-12.30pm

Afternoon session

(4 games) 12.00pm-16.00pm
Step 2. Call Our Booking Office:
01293 882 806
Book Online: BOOK NOW
For only £24.99 per player
(Minimum 8 players per session)

Your session includes:
4 games
All ammo included
Full face mask
Camouflage army style overalls
Body armour (Includes head protection)
Access to movie style game zones
Entrance fee
Water with lemon & orange
Wifi access