AXE & KNIFE THROWING (Ages 10 & Above)

Axe & Knife throwing on our amazing specially designed 45 meter range. You will be equip with some of the best equipment around. Our instructors will instruct you on the art of axe throwing to ensure your safe and having fun. You then will be allowed to practice and hone in your newly acquired skills. Then thrown into the action against your friends and family. Once you have mastered axe throwing you’ll be moved onto our 3 styles of knives. No matter your age it’s perfect for people that are competitive and want to have fun.
To ensure your safe throughout the day our range is specially designed to ensure no axes or knifes will bounce back. We also have a minimum age of 16 for knife throwing due to how sharp the equipment is.
The price is only £14.99 per person for the first hour or £24.99 for a two hour session (minimum of 8 people). All equipment is provided including axes, 3 styles of knives and a range of paper targets to take home to show your friends.
There are only 2 simple steps to organising your amazing day out.
Step 1: Choose your session:

Morning session 

Midday session 
Afternoon session
Step 2. Call Our Booking Office:
01293 882 806
A deposit of £5 per person is required to secure your booking.