Welcome to the most sophisticated laser tag system available!

No wires to get caught on or tangled up.

2 sizes: adult & child, 3 hit sensors, realistic impulse recoil, full colour display, built in audio and a red-dot scope.

9 sensors, 2 differentiated scores, hit vibration and light indication feedback.

Automatic rifle, Pistol, Grenade launcher, Sniper rifle, Rpk, Radiation, Medication and more.

7 game roles inc Sniper, Assaulter, Vampire, Zombie, Hostage, Doctor and more.

8 game modes, reacts to touching, shooting, and recognizes team colours.

Players fight in an area that narrows over time, causing them to pull together and start a shootout.

Increase the realism of the game: shoot-through injuries, bleeding, regeneration, and more.

5 modes: Vibration and 4 levels of electric shock when the player is hit.

5 game modes, Capture by time, Triple capture, Tug-of-war, Capture by shots & Raise the flag.

Health, Game timer, weapon selected, ammo count, kills, deaths and more at your finger tips.

Grenades, multi-purpose explosive & trip mines are just some of the additional items available.